Mauricio Carneiro

Made in Rio. Crafted in London.

I’ve been designing, developing, creating and making since university. Art. Theatre. Fashion. Costumes. Sets. Illustrations. Installations. Working alone and with some of the most talented people in film, fashion, art and design, from designers to producers, illustrators to actors.

I’m Mauricio Carneiro, a creator and communicator.

There is a style that belongs to my work. It is full of youth. It is never stuffy or corporate. Because that creates limits. And there should be no limits to creativity.

Sometimes irreverent, sometimes satirical, never realistic but always inspired by life, my work starts with pencil and paper and develops. I mix periods of time. I make and cut and paint. I age, I texturise, I stain. I open myself to the possibilities and I explore. Because for me, my concepts, illustrations, designs and installations tell stories in themselves.

This website is me as a person. If you like me and like what I do, let’s work together.

In the papers

Harry Potter, of course, was hugely popular around the world. In Brazil, my design work for the series of films made it into the papers.

I’ve also been in the press for my theatre design.

‘…the hilarious madness of Mauricio’s costumes…’
they have said about me.
‘…the extremely colorful and creative costumes…’