Mauricio Carneiro

Costume design for theatre

After graduating in Rio, I found myself working with some of the most imaginative theatre companies emerging in the city’s cultural scene. They helped me mature as a designer and make my mark.

You’ll see shows like ‘UBU’ (Alfred Jarry), where I imagined the gluttonous king and queen as massive dirtied and stained food sacks, and ‘150 milhões em ação’, where ancient Greek gods, wearing 70s-inspired platform shoes, come to Earth to help the Brazilian football team beat the Roman Empire. There is also ‘Bárbara não lhe adora’, ‘Genética’, ‘O que não tá no Gibi’, ‘A Porta Azul’, ‘Sangue Bom’ and ‘A Noite de Todas as Ceias’. (For ‘A Porta Azul’, we won the Maria Clara Machado award for best costume, 2002.)

Partnering with Brazilian directors including Henrique Tavares and Jefferson Miranda made my life as a designer more creative and more innovative.